Why you should invest in a BEIQI Soft Serve Machine

Any business that wants to serve soft serve ice cream should invest in a quality soft serve machine that will do the job accordingly and doesn’t break the bank, which is why the BEIQI Soft Serve Machine is the perfect solution. BEIQI has become a popular choice for business owners as it is a very good quality machine that is trustworthy, easy to fix, and cost effective. BEIQI is quickly becoming a household name. When choosing which BEIQI Soft Serve Machine to buy, there are a few things to consider.

1. Table model vs. Floor model

Determining whether you should buy the table or the floor model, all depends on the amount of space you have available. The floor model is a full body machine with wheels on the bottom so it can be easily moved which makes it easier to clean and maintain. The table model on the other hand doesn’t weigh much less and if placed on a counter, you will need multiple people to move it. You do have the option to buy a trolley for the table model which will also make it mobile. If you buy the table model along with the trolley, the trolley can be used for extra storage space. It all comes down to preference.

2. Refrigerated bowl vs. Non-refrigerated bowl

Refrigerated bowls keeps the soft serve mix at a cool temperature because they have an independent compressor keeping the bowls cool whereas the non-refrigerated bowls does not, which means the soft serve ice cream will not last as long in the non-refrigerated bowls as it would in the refrigerated bowls. Non-refrigerated bowls are ideal for powder mix soft serve while the refrigerated bowls can be used for a variety of ice cream types.


3. Pressure vs. Gravity-Fed

A Pressure-Fed machine, also known as an air pump machine, is intended for high volume utilization and inflates the ice cream giving it the illusion that there’s more ice cream than there actually is. The air pump is also more cost effective as less mix is used. In the meantime, a gravity-fed machine can regulate air in a more efficient manner.


4. Single Flavour vs. Two Flavour with a Twist


Choosing between the single flavour and the two flavour machine depends on what you will be using the machine for. The main difference between the single and the two flavour machine is that the single flavour can only produce one flavour at a time which is ideal if you are planning to serve ice cream as well as milkshakes whereas the two flavour machine can produce two flavours as well as mix the two flavours together which is ideal if you want to give your customers a bigger variety.

When going through all of the options, it is always best to consult with an expert before making a choice in order to know exactly what you are buying.

Reach out to us today and we will answer any and all questions you have so that you can get the machine that is right for you.

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