The Perfect Drink for a Hot Summers Day

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If the weather the past few days has been any indication of how hot this summer is going to get, a Slush Puppie can be just the thing to cool you down. Kids and adults alike enjoy a Slush Puppie with its amazing flavor and texture. A Slush Puppie has two major components, the base and the flavoring. A Slush Puppies is made by throwing water in to a Slush Puppie machine and then adding the Slush Puppie mix which is then frozen. This creates a mixture resulting in pellets of ice in a sweet liquid.

In 1970, Will Radcliff, a Cincinnatian, was at a Chicago trade show when he discovered a slush machine which was manufactured by Stoelting and had been on the market for decades. It didn’t have a name or any marketing materials but Radcliff saw an opportunity. Over a six-pack of beer, Radcliff enlisted the help of his mother and sister to brainstorm some names for his would-be slushy drink. They wrote down a handful of possible names and came up with the idea for Slush Puppie, which would feature a cartoon dog as their mascot and logo.

Through other iced beverages such as ICEE already existed, Slush Puppie was different because it was a non-carbonated drink created with flavored mix and water that are mixed together in a machine and the frozen. Radcliff’s flavored ice pellets beverage gambit took off and by 1999 sales had escalated to $25 million a year. When Radcliff started the Slush Puppie enterprise, only four flavors were offered: cherry, grape, orange, and lemon-lime.

Will Radcliff
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Original Slush Puppie Logo
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Today, Slush Puppies can be found in many convenience stores, movie theatres, markets, and many more places, and in more than 40 different flavors, but anybody can purchase a machine. Buying a Slush Puppie machine and selling Slush Puppie is extremely profitable but you have to buy the best Slush Puppie machine you can afford from a company that can give you back-up. A good machine will give you 20+ years of service. With that in mind, we recommend the ChromeCater Slush Puppie machine. It comes in 3 sizes: single, double and triple. The one you should buy completely depends on the production you want and how many flavors you would like to sell.

For Slush Puppies to sell well and keep selling, it must taste and look good! That is why where you buy your Slush Mix is so important. Many companies pay no attention to taste. These companies are known to use cheap, chemical tasting or weak flavors to cut cost. Avoid cheap slush because, like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. We supply quality slush with amazing flavor which will leave your customers wanting more.

If you need tips about buying a slush machine or need more information about a slush machine, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 051 030 0072 or send us an email to and one of our experienced sales consultants will be happy to assist you!


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